Why You Won’t Find Any Trigger Warnings in My Class or on My Syllabi

Learning is about rethinking our views, which is incompatible with censorship. By Brittney Cooper

Between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being respectful of different points of view and expanding the mind. An excerpt from the article, touches on the declining value places on humanities, and the constraints when teaching that encounters material about gay, lesbian, queer or trans identity. Read More HERE

But in this era of the corporate university, the belief in educating students to be something other than laborers in the capitalist machine is increasingly obsolete. In many respects I understand this position: In a time when good public education is increasingly difficult to access at reasonable prices, creating strategies for making university education economically feasible guides policymaking at many universities. The reality is that parents want their children to be able to get out of school and get jobs that will offer them an economic livelihood. In that kind of environment it becomes harder to justify a robust humanities education focused on thinking about questions of power, the nature of human relationships, literature, history and politics.