The Effect of Capitalism on the Body’s Traumatic Stress Response

This is an article by Dr. Kerr that discusses how capitalism exploits the body’s responses to traumatic stress.  She highlights several examples of how capitalism in our society provokes a similar response as someone experiencing captivity – i.e the dynamic of victim/perpetrator where the perpetrator seeks to dominate the victim in various ways.  She also points out how egalitarian societies tend to mitigate the misuse of power through various actions that mitigate the behaviors that tend to be abusive. She goes on to point out that capitalism is designed to provoke the traumatic stress response and is not designed to mitigate the abuse of power.

Zachariah Torres.Dr. Kerr.Dissociation in Late Modern AmericaHer book  goes in depth into how American society has dissociated in a way that she describes below:

“The term dissociation typically describes a psychological defense that protects the psyche from emotionally overwhelming events. However, dissociation can also contribute to the maintenance and restoration of relationships following traumatic stress and overwhelming social strain. Herein, two aspects of late modern American society are shown to interfere with dissociation’s contribution to social change: 1) the Enlightenment conception of human nature on which American democracy is based, and 2) America’s sharp distinctions between public and private spheres of life. Using research from human evolution, neuroscience, trauma studies, and Jungian psychology, Dissociation in Late Modern America shows how America has become dependent on dissociative defenses in everyday life, thus challenging the capacity for soulful connections and living.

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