Stone Age Shelter Discovered in Peru….

The Oldest High-Altitude Settlement in the World

Scientists have recently discovered the highest altitude human shelter yet found.  Researchers have found two rock shelters and traces of human habitation more than 14,300 feet above sea level that date back over 12,000 years – evidence of the highest-altitude Stone Age settlement in the world.  To read more

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Glacier Caves: Mt. Hood’s Sandy Glacier Contains Largest Ice Cave System In Lower United States.

Scientists and researchers recently explored the ice cave system below Sandy Glacier on Mt. Hood, in Oregon and discovered it is far more extensive than originally thought. Oregon Public Broadcasting had a reporter embedded with the expedition and filmed the amazing underground world.  It is a place not likely to be accessed by the general public and OPB broadcast 30 minute segment in the Oregon Field Guide show that appears regularly on OPB.  To see the full video click here

Zacharaih Torres Ponderings.Peruvian Rock Shelter

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