Khan Academy

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I recently heard Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, speak about his process of founding a non-profit education tech start-up. Most of his story can be heard on his TED talk, but what you don’t hear is the question and answer and all the testimonials from people who have truly been changed by the education they have received… Like the story of a girl in a Mongolian orphanage, who received no other education but Kahn Academy, and now at 17, is their prime translator of video in the Mongolian language. Kahn Academy allows volunteers to contribute translations for subtitled and dub videos. One teacher asked if Khan’s goal would ultimately replace teaching jobs, to which he explained the concept of flipping the classroom, so that the teachers could spend more student centered learning time in the classroom. In pilot schools that have adopted Kahn Academy, they often assign the videos for homework, and then with the data feedback from sample problems completed on Khan academy, the teachers can focus on where each student needs more practice or instruction. Their goal and vision is to provide self-paced, individualized, and mastery-based learning to students.  When I first saw Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk about changing education paradigms, I thought, “Great, there’s the problem explained. Now what do we do about it?” I believe Khan Academy is the beginning of the answer.

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