Kayapo Warriors: How Indigenous Tribes Protect the Amazon Rainforest

The lands of the Kayapo are in a lawless part of southeastern Brazil known as the Xingu region.  Their lands are undergoing a transformation into a huge island of rainforest within a sea of deforestation.

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To fight of further threats to their land and culture, some native tribes have staged protests, pressured the government, and fought on the ground to secure their rights.

Alliances have been formed with environmental and indigenous rights organizations which have helped the tribes to form their own non-governmental organizations.  This has helped them enlist further backing from outside sources to continue the fight against deforestation.  As corporate agriculture, cattle and logging continue to increase so do the threats to the people and rainforest.

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From a July 20, 2014 article on the blog website redpower media: “The Kayapo today defend 2,000 km of border against encroachment and invasion by ranching, logging, gold-mining and land fraud. They actively contest their land rights because their livelihoods depend upon it.”

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The Kayapo and other indigenous people of the Amazon are learning how to fight within the system and protect the land and their livelihood.  To read more on how these people have gone from being barely touched by the outside world to having to become fully involved with a culture and political system completely alien to their way of life

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