Disputes Over Environmental Impacts of Fracking Continue.

The list of the harzachariahtorres.frackingmed continues to grow, as the US races to nab more power by reducing their dependance on foreign fuels. The search for new energy sources is sentencing humans to live with these inevitable and drastic consequences of the methods used to obtain the fuel. This expanded search for fuels leaves us with contaminated water sources, leading the way to cancer, hormonal dysfunction, damage to the nervous system and  genetic mutations. As detailed in the first two installments of Power Shift, an NBC News/CNBC special report, the United States  is reaping the financial benefits of an energy boom created by new drilling technologies that have unlocked vast domestic oil and natural gas reserves.  Coupled with decreasing demand due to energy efficiency and continued cultivation of alternative energy sources, an increasing number of experts believe the U.S.  could achieve energy independence by the end of the decade – realizing a dream born during the gas crisis of 1973. The US goal is to become the biggest oil producer by 2020, and eliminate the need for foreign oil, except perhaps from Canada, but at what cost to the environment?  With  public policymaking so dominated by money and big oil money funding propaganda about  how great it will be to eliminate our fuel dependency, the true concern for the preservation of our land and our health and the health of the next generation gets completely closeted?