Dolphin Super-pod

The seven mile long, 5 mile wide gathering of over 100,000 dolphins has many wondering what is going on in the Pacific Ocean. Dolphins usually travel in groups of 15 to 200, so the sighting of this enormous pod is said to be the largest ever seen. Many believe it to be a stampede fleeing due to US Navy sonar weapons testing, as the pod was sighted just outside of San Diego California, home to one of the largest US Naval bases. Preservation of our Oceans and the Marine life is a monumental task, and with the increased use of sonar and mid-frequency sonar, it becomes increasingly more difficult. Many beached whales have suffered physical trauma, similar to what divers experience as “the bends”, the illness that can kill scuba divers who surface too quickly from deep water. The stranded whales on beaches seen all over the world are only one of the visible symptoms of this trauma. The disruption of feeding and other vital behavior and the massive pods of a wide range of species fleeing in panic are only to increase in the next ten years, even by the US Navy’s estimate.