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Stone Age Shelter Discovered in Peru….

The Oldest High-Altitude Settlement in the World Scientists have recently discovered the highest altitude human shelter yet found.  Researchers have found two rock shelters and traces of human habitation more than 14,300 feet above sea level that date back over 12,000 years – evidence of the highest-altitude Stone Age settlement in the world.  To read […]

Kayapo Warriors: How Indigenous Tribes Protect the Amazon Rainforest

The lands of the Kayapo are in a lawless part of southeastern Brazil known as the Xingu region.  Their lands are undergoing a transformation into a huge island of rainforest within a sea of deforestation. To fight of further threats to their land and culture, some native tribes have staged protests, pressured the government, and […]

Why are Starfish Melting?

Starfish are losing arms, developing white lesions and disintegrating into piles of goo. Last summer, divers and scientists began reporting the fatal “melting” events up and down North America’s coasts—from British Columbia to southern California in the Pacific, and from New Jersey to Maine in the Atlantic. Though nobody knows what’s causing these die-offs, the plague does […]

A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic

This is a 3-part series from the Mississippi State University Extension Service about the Feral Swine Pandemic in the U.S.  This segment looks at the historical introductions of pigs to North America and discusses their biological and behavioral traits. In addition, the segment discusses the factors behind the current distribution of wild pigs in the […]