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World Affairs Council Spanish Conversation Group- Seattle

April 21 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM | Free and open to all If you can hold a conversation in Spanish or are interested in improving your Spanish-speaking skills, then check out this group!  They always have a diverse group of globally-minded people, all working on their Spanish. This is a very fun and inclusive group, so go […]

Robert Reich: 10 Ways to Fix Inequality

Robert Reich: 10 Ways to Fix Inequality Some inequality of income and wealth is inevitable, if not necessary. If an economy is to function well, people need incentives to work hard and innovate. The pertinent question is not whether income and wealth inequality is good or bad. It is at what point do these inequalities […]

5 Ways Massive Inequality is Paralyzing American Society

 We are becoming a nation without a middle class. Read More Source:  ECONOMY AlterNet / By Paul Buchheit 1. A Broken System of Compensation: The Combined Salaries of 350,000 Pre-School Teachers is Less Than That of Five Hedge Fund Managers 2. Diminishing Support for Society: The 1% Made More from their Investments in 2013 than the Entire Cost of […]

Principles of Economics: Income Inequality

Two articles that demonstrate the ever widening income inequality gap in the US.  This link goes to a blog that tracks social justice issues such as income inequality.  The graph posted in the blog is from an in depth study done by Professor of Economics at University of Notre Dame, David F. Druccio in his […]