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A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic

This is a 3-part series from the Mississippi State University Extension Service about the Feral Swine Pandemic in the U.S.  This segment looks at the historical introductions of pigs to North America and discusses their biological and behavioral traits. In addition, the segment discusses the factors behind the current distribution of wild pigs in the […]

Life Without Encumbrance

Dharma, By Billy Collins The way the dog trots out the front door every morning without a hat or an umbrella, without any money or the keys to her doghouse never fails to fill the saucer of my heart with milky admiration. Who provides a finer example of a life without encumbrance— Thoreau in his […]

What are Dogs Thinking?

  The Revenant by Billy Collins I am the dog you put to sleep, as you like to call the needle of oblivion, come back to tell you this simple thing: I never liked you – not one bit. When I licked your face, I thought of biting off your nose. When I watched you […]

Pharaoh Hound Breed Descrption

It’s always good to understand the breed you are bringing home and who you are as a pack leader. As Cesar explains it, “Leader of the Pack” has a mission… to prevent the deaths of so many innocent dogs. My goal with this show is to awaken the world to how many dogs are euthanized in […]