Breathtaking Beijing Acrobats!

Zachariah Torres.Chinese Male Acrobats

The amazing history of  the acrobatic show has been existent for more than two thousand years. Since the middle of this century, great efforts to foster and develop national arts and acrobatics have gained a new life. In the long course of development, the Chinese acrobatic art has formed its own style. The ancient acrobatics stemmed from the people’s life and had a close link with their life and productive labor. Instruments of labor like tridents, wicker rings, tables, chairs, jars, plates, and bowls were used in their performances of “Lion Dance”, “Flying Trident”, “Spring-Board Stunts”, “Balance on Chairs”, “Jar Tricks”, and “Hoop Diving.”  When you watch a acrobatics show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It is truly and unforgettable experience.


Source: Official Beijing Theater