An Example of the Effect of Climate Change: Water Crises In Brazil

Bloomberg News reported on October 21 that Sao Paolo the most populous city in Brazil is suffering from a water shortage.  The reservoir has been reported to be operating at only 3-5% capacity.  Citizens are experiencing dry taps for 24 hours or more.  This is a clear example of how global warming is having an effect now and not 30 or 50 years from now. Read more on how the government and citizens of Sao Paolo are dealing with the crises by clicking here

Zachariah Torres.10-27-14 cantareira-reservoir-sadesp-sao-paulo-brazil-february-2014 Zachariah Torres.10.27.14 Brazil Water crisis image Zachariah Torres Brazil drought-map-south-america

The United States has also been experiencing drought conditions not seen since the 1930’s and September weather in the U.S. and across the globe was the warmest ever recorded since records started being kept in the mid 1800’s.