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Monday, September 29, 2014-National Coffee Day

Why care about National Coffee Day? Today you can make a choice to make a difference. The Thrive Farmer’s platform has transformed the supply chain, giving farmers direct access to the marketplace for their coffee, resulting in economic sustainability. Read Emile story…Emile is one of the farmers that represents this inaugural offering from Burundi, Africa. […]

The Crash of 2016

The Plot to Destroy America and What We Can Do to Stop It. By Thom Hartmann The United States is more vulnerable today than ever before-including during the Great Depression and the Civil War-because the pillars of democracy that once supported a booming middle class have been corrupted, and without them, America teeters on the […]

5 Ways Massive Inequality is Paralyzing American Society

 We are becoming a nation without a middle class. Read More Source:  ECONOMY AlterNet / By Paul Buchheit 1. A Broken System of Compensation: The Combined Salaries of 350,000 Pre-School Teachers is Less Than That of Five Hedge Fund Managers 2. Diminishing Support for Society: The 1% Made More from their Investments in 2013 than the Entire Cost of […]

Why You Won’t Find Any Trigger Warnings in My Class or on My Syllabi

Learning is about rethinking our views, which is incompatible with censorship. By Brittney Cooper Between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being respectful of different points of view and expanding the mind. An excerpt from the article, touches on the declining value places on humanities, and the constraints when teaching that encounters […]

Unequal Protection

The rise of corporate dominance and theft of human rights  by Thom Hartmann This book is about the difference between humans and the corporations we humans have created. The story goes back to the birth of the United States, even the birth of the Revolution. It continues through the writing of the Constitution and Bill […]