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UN Fair Food Program

Ahold: Worker-Centered Accountability Requires Penny Per Pound. READ this article about the UN Fair Food Program and how it is being applied in Florida for farmer workers in the tomato industry in order to hold growers and large corporations accountable for their abuses of human rights and worker rights.           

A Kale of Two Cities: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice

Read more about the trend of urban gardens/farming to the issue of social justice. The writers of the attached article, Nevin Cohen and Kristin Reynolds teach at The New School and have researched the correlation between urban agriculture and social justice.  They are the authors of the forthcoming book, Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social […]

The Works of Joseph Campbell

A Study by Joseph Campbell of the Divine Feminine over the course of human history: SOCIAL JUSTICE SOLUTIONS  This is an article post from Dr. Laura Kerr PhD, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern.  This link explains posthumous book by Joseph Campbell’s work edited by editor Safron Rossi—a goddess studies scholar, professor of mythology, and curator of […]

The Effect of Capitalism on the Body’s Traumatic Stress Response

This is an article by Dr. Kerr that discusses how capitalism exploits the body’s responses to traumatic stress.  She highlights several examples of how capitalism in our society provokes a similar response as someone experiencing captivity – i.e the dynamic of victim/perpetrator where the perpetrator seeks to dominate the victim in various ways.  She also […]

Dangerous Pesticides…

They Are Showing Up More and More in Our Urine and Breast Milk.  Internationally, consumers have rejected GMOs while US trade agreements insist that GMOs be allowed. Russia allows import of GMOs, but insists on labeling if foods contain over 0.9% of the stuff. In contrast, the US has insisted, under the sway of Monsanto […]

Principles of Economics: Income Inequality

Two articles that demonstrate the ever widening income inequality gap in the US.  This link goes to a blog that tracks social justice issues such as income inequality.  The graph posted in the blog is from an in depth study done by Professor of Economics at University of Notre Dame, David F. Druccio in his […]