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by Lesley Hazleton From the jacket cover:  “There is no woman with a worse reputation than Jezebel, the ancient queen who corrupted a nation and met one of the most gruesome fates in the Bible.  But what if this version of her story is merely the one her enemies wanted us to believe?  What if […]

Mary: A Flesh and Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother

Lesley Hazleton   From the jacket cover:  “Who was Mary?  Lesley Hazleton’s highly acclaimed biography draws on history, anthropology, psychology, and ancient texts to re-envision this iconic figure as a real woman.  Beginning with a dark-skinned girl barely out of adolescence when she gives birth, Hazleton illuminates the many facets of Mary’s existence: peasant villager, […]

The Living Planet: The Northern Forests

The programme begins in northern Norway, 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Here, there is only just enough light for the pine trees to survive, but it is extremely cold during the winter. Pine cone seeds provide one of the few foods available at this time of year, and large herbivores such as the […]

Cuckoo: Evolutionary Cheat

The sound of the cuckoo is to many the very essence of spring, yet behind the magical call is a bird that is a cheat, a thief and a killer. Just how does the cuckoo trick other birds into accepting its eggs and raising its young? Why don’t the duped foster parents react as they […]