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You are the Lungs

An analogy of how the system of the body takes in air, works together to nourish the body and exhales that which does not work with how society and community work together to create wonderful things… or don’t work well together to cause distruction.      

Did you hear the winter’s over

Did you hear the winter’s over The basil and the carnations cannot control their laughter. The nightingale, back from his wandering, has been made singing master over the birds. The trees reach out their congratulations.  The soul goes dancing through the king’s doorway. . . Nothing can stay bound or be imprisoned.  You say: “End […]

Rhododendron/ Bow Bells

A beautiful rhododendron with deep pink buds, which open to light pink, and which blooms in the Spring.  It’s slow growing to about 3’ high and doesn’t require much pruning. Has gorgeous bronzy-copper new growth at the tips of stems and attracts butterflies.

Osprey Nesting

Live video camera of an osprey nest at an Audubon Society camp in Hog Island, Maine!  The eggs were laid in late April and are due to hatch in early June.  There’s also an infrared camera for night-time viewing. Warning: Osprey watching is addictive!   Ospreys are the only birds of prey that rely almost […]